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Office Side Chairs

Typically lacking some of the adjustable features many office chairs have, office side chairs are designed to provide office-appropriate additional seating for guests, clients, and other visitors to your office space. These are attractive, poised chairs made to be simple yet comfortable. Office side chairs are an important consideration if one expects to have visitors in the home office or even entertain a family member for discussion or collaboration.

How to Choose an Office Chair

A lot goes into picking the right office chair for your space. First on the list is selecting a comfortable office chair for your working needs. If you anticipate spending long hours in your office chair, choose an ergonomic office chair. Since ergonomic features and comfort go hand in hand, an ergonomic office chair can be the key to enduring productivity and focus in your workspace. Performance seating at DWR emphasizes total spinal support, adjustability, and breathability, all of which work together to keep you comfortable all day long.

If you anticipate using your office space for only short periods at a time, ergonomic features can take a backseat to aesthetics. Your task chair will be in your home, so you’ll want it to look attractive and blend with the rest of your decor. The leather office chair stands alone as the epitome of comfort and status, whether at home or in an office space. DWR offers classic leather office chair options, including the Eames Aluminum Group Chair. A swivel office chair has an important feature that most at-home office chairs possess, which is the ability to rotate away from the desk. Combining a leather office chair and a swivel office chair makes for a very comfortable and desirable option. An upholstered office chair is a plush, comfortable option to rival leather or mesh office chairs. A plastic office chair can be a very comfortable option and offers the added advantage of being easy to clean.