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Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems

Wall-mounted shelving systems are, by design, meant to install against a wall to make use of otherwise unused vertical storage space. These shelving systems may also be height-adjustable or completely modular, composed of mixed-and-matched shelves, cubbies, cabinets, clothing rods, and more. Wall-mounted shelving systems are great for kitchen storage above kitchen counters, food storage in pantries, or clothes storage in closets. Wall-mounted shelving systems, like freestanding shelving systems, may be wood or metal, with metal shelving systems typically being more customizable than wood shelving systems.

How to Choose & Where to Use Modern Shelving Systems 

Shelving systems can be used in any room in the house, including the basement. Kitchen wall shelves are useful for storing ingredients, spices, cookware, linens, and small appliances. Kitchen shelving units can come wall-mounted or freestanding to suit individual needs and style. Many kitchen shelving systems without cabinet doors fall under the category of open kitchen shelving, but some units come with doors and even drawers to keep things out of sight. Some shelving systems can be assembled to meet specific needs, in such cases as custom pantry shelving or closet shelving. Closets, especially bedroom closets, are another place where a custom shelving system can be invaluable, as they can maximize available storage space in ways basic storage furniture cannot. The home office also needs organization, and modular shelving can be part of the solution. Home office shelving can incorporate freestanding wood bookshelves or office wall shelving systems with wire frames.

A mid-century modern shelving system provides a way to select as much or little storage as you need while adding that touch of mid-century style. Design Within Reach offers several shelving systems in that category. Shelving systems have the advantage of customization, allowing you to tailor the system to fit your space or preference. They also can usually be expanded later as needs or desires change. A metal wall shelving system might have a framework of steel wire with a protective coating onto which shelves of wood or another material may be placed. The position of its shelves can usually be adjusted up or down to accommodate whatever is being placed on them.

At Design Within Reach, shop mid-century modern shelving systems and modular shelving units to accommodate your home’s unique storage needs.