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Modern Wall Art

Wall art is a versatile type of home decor that classifies any piece of art or decor that you can hang on your walls. As with all types of art and decor, wall art is truly only limited by your (and your favorite artists’) imagination. Wall art is available in almost any size, from smaller than a playing card to larger than life, and can be made of paper, canvas, wood, metal, wool, fabric – practically any material. Wall art can be framed or unframed, and can depict any subject.

Abstract wall art pieces depicting indeterminate subjects made up of scattered or neatly organized flashes of color, geometric shapes, and straight or organic lines are popular in homes with modern interior design styles, though more traditional mediums, such as photography or drawings, can be just as appropriate in a minimalist space as they might be in a farmhouse or French-country space.

While some wall art pieces are original works, others are reprints, affordable art prints that allow you to hang otherwise priceless, museum-bound works of art in your home. It's an incredibly versatile type of decor that can break up blank wall space and add visual interest to any room. At Design Within Reach, shop modern and contemporary wall art that will help you fill your home with color and character.

How to Choose Wall Art

While the subject of the wall art you choose to decorate your home with is ultimately an expression of your personal taste, there are still a few tips to keep in mind when choosing wall art. First, it’s important to create a plan of action before you start hanging posters or tapestries on your wall. Foresight is essential to maximize the impact of the pieces you choose and to prevent your space from appearing off-kilter. It can be helpful to make a blueprint of your wall, with surrounding furniture blocked out, and draft up some potential wall art arrangements before you actually put any holes in your walls.

Start by centering large or oversized wall art above primary features in your space: the living room sofa, the mantel, the bed. Or space large pieces evenly along long walls or hallways. For an eclectic look, mix and match wall art of different sizes and shapes featuring different subjects; the contrast created by the pairing of a piece of abstract wall art with photography can be super compelling. It can be a good idea to maintain a general color palette as you choose your wall art pieces as well.